DIY “Rustic” Bike

When I lived in Copenhagen for six months in spring 2010, bikes were everywhere. They were the way of life. I suppose sustainability and efficiency comes naturally to Europeans. I decided to remodel my mountain bike to fit my personality, and bought simple materials like twine, rust-colored spray paint, wood buttons and leather for the handle bars.

  1. Rust-Oleum Flat Red Primer Spray Paint, adheres to wood, metals and plastics
  2. Soft leather trim piece: Joann’s Fabric & Crafts
  3. Suede spool: Joann’s Fabric & Crafts
  4. Wooden buttons: Joann’s Fabric & Crafts
  5. Heavy duty jute spools (vegetable fiber similar to twine): Home Depot
  6. Biria Front Quick Release Bike Basket (below): Marty’s Reliable Cycle, Morristown, NJ


 After the coat of paint, I still needed to work on the body, handle bars and basket details.

Come back for my updated post in the spring!


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