Half Moon Antiques, ME

I’m on vacation for a week in Maine, and stopping at as many antique stores and book shops as possible (or that my wallet will allow). Half Moon Antiques was a nice surprise right next to the diner we stopped for breakfast in Windham, Maine, right outside Little Sebago Lake.

I purchased The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas—an unusually new 1999 edition for my taste, but I couldn’t resist the color illustrations by Roland Wheelwright.

I also grabbed Great Moments in History: A Graphic Survey of 150 Decisive Events in the World’s History by Samuel Nisenson & Alfred Parker, 1932 edition, with a handwritten note dated November 22, 1932 on the inside cover. Each page is a newspaper-style article about great moments in [Western] history, each with an accompanying illustration.


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