The Second Bookshelf Attempt

My first DIY bookshelf was a repainted wooden ladder, which was an easy way to recycle something that I already owned. In my first post about DIY bookshelves, I mentioned that our collection of antique apple crates were accidentally used as firewood by our neighbor, and since then I’ve always wanted to use old crates to make a bookshelf.

While in Maine, we stopped at Pa’s Tradin’ Company in Oxford, a massive pawn shop and second hand antique dealer. I ended up collecting a variety of five antique crates (I had to put back the sixth one, pictured on the top left, because there was no price tag) for a total of $75. My favorite crate forms the bottom of my bookshelf: an antique double-sided tool box drawer from an old barn.


  1. “The Hunting Man” plate: Village Antiques & Collectibles, Succasunna, NJ
  2. Homemade candles
  3. Ceramic vase: Pa’s Tradin Co., Oxford, ME

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