This 1966 illustrated edition of Thoreau’s Walden, first published in 1854, is a truly lovely version of this iconic Transcendentalist work. The black and white illustrations by Aldren Watson are bordered in a golden yellow, complimenting the simple red and gold hardcover.  (There’s also a green and gold hardcover version.)

Half A Hundred Tales by Great American Writers

This 1945 first edition of Half a Hundred Tales by Great American Writers was purchased at Village Antiques and Collectibles in Succasunna, New Jersey. The work is an anthology compiled and edited by Charles Grayson, and includes esteemed American writers like John Cheever, John Steinbeck, William Faulkner and Ernest Hemingway. I scanned the table of contents…

Francatelli’s Modern Cook

This 1888 American edition of Francatelli’s Modern Cook: A Practical Guide to the Culinary Art In All Its Branches was purchased at the Maine Bookhouse in Oxford, Maine. The author, Charles Elme Francatelli (1805-1876), was a British chef with French training who dominated the London culinary scene for much of the mid-nineteenth century. For a time, he…

Adventures of Tom Sawyer

This 1941 edition of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain and illustrated by Richard Powers is a Junior Deluxe Edition published by Nelson Doubleday. Purchased at Village Antiques & Collectibles in Succasunna, NJ.

Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson

This well-loved copy of the Collected Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson in One Volume was purchased at Village Antiques & Collectibles in Successunna, NJ. I can’t find a publishing date anywhere on the book, but it’s likely Walter J. Black Inc.’s 1925 edition. Emerson’s classic essays Nature (1836) and The American Scholar (1837) encouraged an explosion of uniquely American literature…

Of Mice and Men

This first edition 1937 copy of  John Steinback’s Of Mice and Men belonged to my mother, and was added to my collection in high school.

Modern Tales & Animal Stories

The Young Folks Treasury was a twelve volume book series aimed to entertain and educate children. Modern Tales & Animal Stories is the fourth book in the series; my 1919 first edition was discovered at Riverbooks in Hallowell, Maine.

Milton’s Poetical Works

The Poetical Works of John Milton, edited by Sir Egerton Brydges, Bart, published in 1854. Purchased for a mere $25 at Cabot Mill Antique Mall, Brunswick, Maine.

The Three Musketeers

This version of The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas is the 1999 Reader’s Digest: The World’s Best Reading edition, illustrated by Rowland Wheelright and purchased at Half Moon Antiques in Windham, ME.

A Conrad Argosy

1942 edition of A Conrad Argosy, a collection of Joseph Conrad short stories illustrated with woodcuts by Hans Alexander Mueller.